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General rehearsal for the FIFA World Cup 2026

Founded in 2000, the FIFA Club World Cup has grown more significant following the Gianni Infantino press conference of December 17, 2022, during the Qatar World Cup. The competition will now host the top 32 clubs from the 6 international confederations.

Twelve clubs from UEFA (Europe), six clubs from CONMEBOL (South America), one club from OFC (Oceania), and four clubs each from the confederations of CAF (Africa), AFC (Asia), and CONCACAF (North America) respectively, will compete to determine the world’s best.

Looking more and more like a World Cup of Nations, it will also take place every four years during the summer.

This upgraded 21st edition will be held in the United States between June 15 and July 13, 2025, thus serving as a rehearsal for the 2026 FIFA World Cup which will be hosted in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

It will also be an opportunity for VPI to sharpen ourselves in preparation for the FIFA World Cup 2026.

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