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The EURO 2024 goes green

The die is cast. On December 2, 2023, the EURO 2024 draw in Hamburg ruled the group allocations and the competition venues for each team.

In an environmental logic, The UEFA EURO 2024 has aimed for a geographical concentration of competition clusters, so as to favour trains and buses as opposed to air travel.

In some cases, though, this endeavour will not be entirely fulfilled, as a few teams such as Spain, Austria and Serbia will have to cover more than 500 km between two games.

Nations select their base camps based on the location of their fixtures, in order to minimize the duration of transfers as much as possible.

VPI was present in Hamburg for the draw and the WBM (World Broadcaster Meeting). The event provided a great opportunity for our teams to display our accommodation and transportation solutions near the IBC (International Broadcast Center), as well as within the different venues and team base camps.

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