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Paris 2024 security perimeters

On November 29th, just over 200 days until the start of the Olympics, the Paris Prefecture introduced its security and mobility plans for Paris 2024.

To ensure safety and an effective flow management, three restricted perimeters have been established around the main venues of the Olympics and Special Olympics.
These restrictions will impact motorized traffic, prohibiting or restraining transit near said areas.
However, access may be granted for motorized vehicles benefiting from a VAPP (Vehicle Access & Parking Permit). Besides, accredited professionals will be entitled to board any of the 1 400 coaches provided by Île-de-France Mobilités to reach the various competition zones.

In line with the environmental goals of the event, these traffic constraints aim to promote pedestrian and cycling mobility. In fact, 100% of the Olympic sites will be connected by bicycle lanes.

VPI strives to align to this policy of reducing the environmental footprint of Paris 2024.

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