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Each Olympics has its uniqueness. Every host cities boast of making the Olympics better and different from the previous one. For the 32nd Olympic Games, it is clear that it is already done.

After a one-year postponement, a first in the modern Olympic games history, the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (TOCOG) had to reconsider its position on several subjects to hope to maintain this major event in Tokyo.

Among the numerous measures taken to reconcile the Games with the global crisis, one of the most spectacular is the admission process to the venues for the public.
Last October 21st, the TOCOG made, on a large scale, a test of all the admission process made to contain the propagation of the Covid-19 : 3 different way of taking someone’s temperature, physical distance in the queue. Adding to that, other safety measures are also taken such as facial authentication and luggage control.

Among other news, we can also note that 2 torches (one for Olympics and one for Paralympics) have started a Tokyo tour: those 2 torches will be displayed in a different location in Tokyo for the public to see it until next July 8. The relay will start, as for it, from Fukushima next March 23rd.

No doubt about the fact that the TOCOG display here the strong will to make those Games an example of resilience against the virus. With the opening of the aquatic center, the host of an international gymnastic competition in November, and the display of those measures, the TOCOG wants to show confidence about these Games despite a Tokyo population with mixed feeling about it especially given that the “second wave” is getting stronger all over the world.

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