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The second version of the handbooks needed by those involved in the Tokyo Olympic Games is out. Whether you are an athlete, an official, a journalist or a broadcaster, you will find all the information you need for the time before, during and after the Olympic Games.

What’s new?

The main piece of information is the creation of the “CLO” (“Covid-19 Liaison Officer”) who will be THE person at the heart of the anti-Covid system of the Games. Each organization will have to have a CLO who will be informed and responsible for the proper respect of the sanitary measures of the people in his group. The CLO will be in constant contact with TOCOG and the competent Japanese authorities.
They will be the ones to submit, for example, the activity schedule for the first 14 days and to centralize any questions that travellers may have.

Another important measure is the need for participants to take two tests on two separate days, less than 96 hours before departure. These tests will have to be carried out in places validated by TOCOG and in accordance with CLO recommendations.

Last but not least, the need to quarantine yourself for three days after your arrival in Japan.

In addition to the recommendations already in place, such as the ban on public transport, tourist sites and watching the events as a spectator.

The updated Playbooks can be found on the CIO’s website for more information.

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