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As we are now within 5 months of the start of the Tokyo Olympics, the first sanitary measures are gradually being published.
Given that Japan has so far succeeded to limit the spread of the virus and its different “variants”, the Japanese population has been showing more and more reluctance to hosting the games.
However, as the uncertainty still weighs heavy on the chest of the organizers about the issue of public attendance from around the world, it seems that the games themselves, at least, will be held for good. The Tokyo Olympic Committee has released a “playbook”: a media guide detailing measures aiming to limit the spread of the Coronavirus during the games.

Even knowing that most of them are likely to be reassessed in April, here are some of the key measures that have been announced :
Each traveler willing to go to Japan will have to download an application named “COCOA” (for COntact COnfiriming App) and use it to key in a self-medical check-up every day. The data will be monitored by the Japanese authorities in order to track potential clusters.
Other procedures being implemented include the obligation to provide a detailed schedule of one’s first 14 days on Japanese soil. Each venue’s access will be subjected to body temperature control. Strict compliance to social distancing in public spaces will be also expected: entry to restaurants and public transportation will be strictly prohibited. Any violation of those measures would result in a strict sanction from the TOCOG which is hoping these measures will reassure the Japanese population and keep the games on track.

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