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The VPI Agency advantage

In France, any legal entity engaged in the sale of travel, stays or tourist services must be registered as a travel agency. This registration is governed by law n°92-645 of July 13, 1992 and decree n°94-490 of June 15, 1994, which establish a regulatory framework to guarantee consumer protection and the quality of the services offered.

By choosing VPI Agency, our business customers benefit from numerous advantages. They have the assurance that the agency complies with current regulations, which reduces the risk of disputes or financial problems. Moreover, VPI has the expertise to organize tailor-made holidays, offering reliable transport services and quality accommodation. Finally, in the event of difficulties or unforeseen events, VPI has the resources to provide assistance and resolve problems quickly.

When it comes to attending major international sporting events in France or around the world, it’s essential to use a registered travel agency like VPI Agency. This legal obligation guarantees the protection of travelers and the quality of the services offered.

VPI offers its business customers peace of mind, expertise and personalized support for major sporting events.

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