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Cycling is often referred to in France as « la Petite Reine », meaning the Little Queen – owing to the Dutch Queen Wilhelmine, who the French press used to tease for riding a bicycle around her kingdom at age 10. Somehow, the term eventually became a synonym for cycling.

The Petite Reine has never lived up to its name so well. In addition to the exponential progression of its practice in urban environments, it has also become the symbol of the return of sports competition unto the global stage.

Is there a more emblematic program than the Tour de France ? With more than 1 billion viewers, 170 riders and 3 weeks of competition, it is a recurring heavyweight in the sporting world.

The 2020 edition  (number 107) will be remembered in several ways. First, because it took place in September instead of the traditional month of July. Secondly, because the competition was wrapped in a tight bubble for 3 weeks, allowing it to go on without disease-related issues. Lastly because it will be remembered as the only sport event of a truly international magnitude to have been able to operate in 2020.

At VPI, we are fortunate to accompany major TV and radio broadcasters on this journey every year. After multiple re-planning, we had the pleasure of being able to support our customers throughout the journey but also in our good city of Lyon where we were able to share a moment of relaxation.

Our VPI team is already monitoring the possible 2021 routes in order to be ready to offer suitable accommodation as soon as the Tour stages are made official at the end of October.

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