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In February 2022 the Xian (district) of Chongli in the Hebei province and under the aegis of the city Zangjiakou, will host one some of the most spectaculars venues of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Ski jumping, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, and more are on the region’s menu, already a gathering place for Chinese ski enthusiasts.

“Olympics games” often comes with “spectacular” – what would the games be if not for gigantic sites?

Far removed from the nowadays global uncertainty, the towns of GentingTaizicheng and Thaiwoo are getting ready to welcome athletes and visitors from all over the world. A massive building site is at work: construction of a train station, an airport, a highway, sports facilities, numerous hotels and residences. In short, a whole new city is springing up in a skillfully orchestrated spectacle of cranes and concrete mixer trucks.

Thanks to new a high-speed railway line and a highway, Chongli cluster is now a bare 50 minutes ride from Beijing.

Most of the constructions are scheduled to open in the second half of 2021. Just in time to put the finishing touches for the biggest event ever hosted in the area by February 2022.

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