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Between culture and cycling

Florence, cradle of the Italian Renaissance, is renowned for its cultural richness and magnificent architecture. The city will be the site of the grand departure of the Tour de France 2024, blending the charm of Italian culture with the passion of cycling.

Florence attracts 16 million visitors a year, and the city expects a 20% increase in visitor numbers over the period of the Tour de France grand departure, i.e. 300,000 to 350,000 more than its usual flow. This massive influx of tourists presents a major challenge in terms of accommodation. Hotel capacity is currently around 30,000 rooms. With the expected increase in visitor numbers, there will be a shortfall of several thousand rooms during this period. Local establishments will be under considerable pressure to meet demand.

For over 15 years, our teams have been developing expertise in anticipating the different stages of the Tour de France from one year to the next. Contact our teams to discuss solutions in Florence and on the various stages of the Tour.

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