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The European Football Championship, still officially called EURO 2020, will take place from 11 June to 11 July 2021, one year later than its initial schedule.

The twists and turns in the planning of this event are never-ending and its exceptional implementation across 11 countries in the Wider Europe does not make the logistics any easier.

To begin with the Venues. Since the UEFA has required the presence of a live audience in the stadiums, two of the initial cities had to be substituted. Bilbao has been replaced by Sevilla, which will host 3 group matches and 1 round of 16 fixtures. Dublin gave up its group matches to St Petersburg and its round of 16 game to London. St Petersburg thus becomes the 2nd city of the Euro in terms of the number of matches hosted, after London.

Then comes the crucial issue of the general public. What capacity will be allowed, according to what criteria, who will be able to travel ? Attendance will not be homogeneous in all stadiums. The Central and Eastern European countries are ambitious, with Budapest aiming for a 100% attendance, while Baku and St Petersburg are betting on a 50% seat occupancy. The other venues will host between 20 and 33% of their capacity, while the gauge for the Final Four and the Final match remains to be determined.

Finally, the travel possibilities of ticket holders and stakeholders remain unclear. The situation is still very blurry as to what exemptions will be granted concerning the entry to the host territories. Hungary, Azerbaijan and Russia have set up special procedures, while Romania has said to be studying the matter. In short, this is an unprecedented headache, further spiced up by the evolution of the pandemic and the diversity of travelling fans’ nationalities.

For its business customers, VPI is offering a dynamic and reinforced support system. We are closely monitoring the relationship with hotels in each city, and managing tailor-made ground and aerial transport logistics with a single objective: controlling every situation.

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