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China has been criticized internationally for its management of the Coronavirus crisis. However, the measures that have been taken by the country seem to prove efficient so far.

VPI’s partner in China, Kris van Goethem, has shared his field experience with us.

“From March 20th, 2020, international flights to Beijing started being redirected to neighboring provinces in order to reduce the pressure on the capital: in particular to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, to Taiyuan in Shanxi province, and to the city of Tianjin.

On March 26, 2020, all Chinese embassies stopped issuing visas.

The measures taken by the central government were well-respected by the Chinese people and their results quickly became visible. As of May 14th, no further cases were reported in 18 of China’s provinces.

TelIingly, the Congress of the Communist Party, which was originally due happening at the beginning of March, was rescheduled as early as May 22nd.

Domestic travel is now again allowed. Still, the majority of the population continues wearing masks and fever controls remain effective in all airports. A system of recognition of good health (dubbed the “green codes “) has been put in place by Internet giants Alipay and Wechat.

A few airline companies (such as QR) are planning to resume certain flights to China from the month of June, although it is still premature at this stage to say the borders are reopening. “

Many sporting events have been cancelled in China (such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Indoor Athletics World Championships, Olympic Games qualifying tournaments, etc.) and the preparation for the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games has also been disrupted by the epidemic. In February 2020, the WBM dedicated to the rights holders was relocated to Madrid instead of Beijing.

VPI has been working for over a year on China in preparation for the Beijing Olympics, with the help of our well-implanted partners which enable us to support you despite the border closures.

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