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2020 turned out to be a historic year for the whole world and the world of sporting events certainly had its share of issues.
The impact of COVID-19 on the competition calendar was comparable to what the world experienced during the two World Wars : postponement of the football Euro, postponement of the Summer Olympic Games, rescheduling of major cycling races (Giro, Tour de France, Vuelta) in autumn, halting of the French football championship, modification of the Champions League format, cancellation of the Wimbledon tennis tournament, etc.
In addition to the postponements and cancellations, the most striking phenomenon was that spectators were kept from attending most events, which happened under a sanitary bubble.
The world of sport and events hopes that 2021 will be a year of renewal and that competitions can gradually resume by gradually integrating the public into the sporting arenas. This return is obviously necessary for the economy of sport but also for the morale of enthusiasts wishing to rediscover thrills and emotions.

At VPI we are optimistic, and we wish you all the best for what we hope will be a busy year 2021.

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