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JAPAN 2019


In 2019, VPI carried out 950 land transfers and 200 air transfers throughout Japan and managed media shuttles.

  • Provision of 60 vehicles 24/7
  • Multilingual guides
  • Crisis management.
  • English-speaking drivers

Transport management for technical and production teams and
English and French media consultants

  • Sourcing and contracting of transport partners across the country
  • VIP transportation management
  • Accreditation management
  • Recruitment and training of station/airport coordinators
  • Animation of the dispatching cell in French/English/Japanese
  • Purchasing/customer/supplier invoicing

Support for 400 clients before and during the competition

  • Opening of an office in 2017 in Tokyo
  • Sourcing/contracting of accommodation for the 12 visits
  • Implementation of a follow-up of the French team
  • Logistic support for the entire competition of 400 customers
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